Online, real time, video calls for musculoskeletal pain and injury.

This service is £20 for a 20 minute block. If this is your first session or you think you might need longer please add a note when you book.

My shoulder is much better thanks! almost fully recovered. The Telehealth session was very useful and I think I am able to manage the situation myself at present. What was really useful was your diagnosis and your advice to work in the scapular plane using a hand position that doesn’t cause clicking in the shoulder. That was all great; 90% improved, a result of your insights and my relatively consistent rehab efforts, thanks.” Tom, Bristol

How it works:

1. We use the online patient portal called Rehab My Patient which allows us to stay in touch and send exercises and rehab plans and information. It also has a video call feature which has many advantages over Zoom/WhatsApp/Skype etc. It works in most browsers Chrome/Firefox/Safari but NOT internet Explorer. And it works well on a phone/tablet or computer.

CLICK THIS for more information.

2. Click the Book Telehealth button to book online and complete the booking process.

3. All payment will be taken when you book and all information will be sent to you on booking. If this is your first appointment please complete the consent, GDPR and COVID declarations.

4. Just before your appointment you will be sent the link via email – this link takes you to the website REHABMYPATIENT.COM and is fully secure.

4. Click the link just after your alloted time and hey presto, you should then be talking to Danny. A few tips (especially if you’re new to video calls):

  • Hold the device in the same aspect as each other. So if you’re on a laptop let me know so I can hold my tablet in landscape.
  • Use a device holder of some sort to avoid wobble
  • Position the device about 1m away
  • You may need space to perform movements or even lie down. Make sure the device can be moved easily enough.
  • Should you lose video or sound or the screen freezes just leave the meeting and immediately rejoin.

5. If you need more than just the 20 minute session Danny will make this clear. If you need something else Danny will point you in the right direction.

6. All calls will be followed up with an email or other messages explaining what was discussed and exercise sheets and/or video links included.