Click the link to have a look at some useful exercises for your condition. You should only use these of you have been signposted here by your physio.

Acute lower back pain – this is for those of you unable to move without pain

Intermediate lower back pain – you’ve had it for a while but want to move on

General back; lumbar and thoracic – wide ranging pain but not too bad

Back strengthening – only occasional tweaks

Sciatic pain – pain, tingling or numbness into one or both legs

Upper limb nerve glides – for those with neural pain in shoulders, arms, hands

General neck stretches – you’re feeling a bit tight

Shoulder impingement early rehab – recent onset shoulder pain and quite sharp

Shoulder rehab late stage – you’ve had it a while and pain quite dull

Hip ITB program – for that wierd pain on the front or side of the leg

General ankle rehab programme

General knee stability

Plantar Fasciitis

Scapula function