Danny Brown – Physiotherapist


A climber, coach and movement specialist for over 20 years, Danny retrained as a Physiotherapist over 14 years ago. He spent 3 years in hospitals before joining the private sector.

Danny’s philosophy is a mix of pragmatic application of evidence based practice and doing what works. This means getting to know you and helping you understand not just the specifics of your pain but the underlying, contributory factors. He understands the importance of combining diet, movement and therapy to maintain overall well-being.

As a Physiotherapist Danny specialises in sporting injuries. If you have an injury Danny will almost certainly have had it and can give you the best advice to return to form.

Danny can also help with general pain, pregnancy pain and post-partum issues and stress as well as some gastrointestinal issues with massage and acupuncture.

He is a keen climber (he is a qualified Mountaineering & Climbing Instructor and Development Coach), trail runner as well as loving his road biking. He was previously a highly qualified canoe/kayak coach and Alpine river guide as well as competent sailor, windsurfer and equestrian.

It is safe to say he likes his outdoor pursuits.

Danny also worked with Sheffield United Football Academy for 5 years and was physio for Sheffield Hockey. He is a member of the International Rock Climbing Research Association and has written articles and presented lectures across the UK and in Europe on injury prevention.

Other practitioners

Danny works alongside and regularly collaborates other skilled professionals at other clinics and here, at Stark’s.