Pain. Problem. Person.

For most of us it is pain that brings us to a Physio. Our first job is to stop it; using massage, soft tissue release, acupuncture, magic and other hands on techniques it is possible to bring the pain under control quickly.

Finding the problem is what sets Physiotherapists apart. It’s not always near the pain. Looking into the many contributing factors that create the situation that leads to pain us crucial for successful rehabilitation. Knowing the problem guides the movement retraining and exercise prescription and improves your understanding of how to optimize you’ performance as well as recover from injury.

Overall, it’s the person that matters; goals, outlook, underlying issues all play a part and it is important to deal with those as you progress through rehab. Sometimes it’s not the body that is doing the blocking.


Danny Brown

A climber, coach and movement specialist for over 20 years, Danny retrained as a Physiotherapist over 10 years ago. He spent 3 years in hospitals before joining the private sector.

Danny’s philosophy is a mix of pragmatic application of evidence based practice and doing what works. This means getting to know you and helping you understand not just the specifics of your pain but there underlying, contributory factors. He understands the importance of combining diet, movement and therapy to maintain overall well-being.

As a Physiotherapist Danny specialises in sporting injuries and is also registered with all major insurers. If you have an injury Danny will almost certainly have had it and can give you the best advice to return to form.

Danny can also help with general pain, pregnancy pain and post-partum issues and stress as well as some gastrointestinal issues with massage and acupuncture.

He is a keen climber (he is a qualified Mountain Instructor and coach), trail runner as well as loving his road biking. He was previously a highly qualified canoe/kayak coach and Alpine river guide as well as competent sailor, windsurfer and equestrian.

It is safe to say he likes his outdoor pursuits.

Danny also worked with Sheffield United Football Academy for 5 years and was physio for Sheffield Hockey. He is a member of the International Rock Climbing Research Association and has written articles and presented lectures across the UK and in Europe on injury prevention.

Olivia Daniell

Olivia is a qualified Soft Tissue Therapist specialised in treating those who suffer with chronic pain, muscular tension and minor injuries caused by sport, long hours at a desk or other lifestyle factors. Olivia uses a variety of techniques including deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, stretching, myofascial release and rehabilitation exercises to treat her clients.

With a background in gymnastics and dance, Olivia specialises in working with athletes, dancers and gymnasts. However, you by no means need to be “sporty” to benefit from treatment as a lot of clients are referred due to work posture issues as well as stress.

Appointments involve assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. Olivia’s aim is not just to give you short term pain relief, but also to find out what is causing the pain and treat the underlying issues to re-balance the body and prevent long term problems.

As a b-girl (breakdancer) and former competitive gymnast, Olivia has always been interested in the body, movement and how to stay healthy. She understands the demands of training and the importance of keeping the body injury free. Using knowledge from her own training and previous injuries, Olivia is uniquely able to relate and empathise with her clients, bringing a well rounded and informed approach to treatment.

Olivia is especially passionate about increasing awareness of the importance of looking after our bodies and avoiding injuries in the world of competitive dance. This has lead her to provide treatments for dancers at battles and events in the UK, as well as international events including Catch the Flava and Outbreak Europe in Slovakia, where she worked with Project Breakalign.

You may have seen Olivia at local sports events including the Simplyhealth Great Bristol Half Marathon/10k, Chilly Duathlon and Bristol Triathlon.

Olivia has also worked closely with One-Dance UK to create and host the UK’s first Hip Hop Health Conference “Mind the Gap” which took place in May 2017.

Given that STT is a rapidly developing field of work, Olivia attends regular CPD courses to ensure that she is up to date with the latest scientific evidence and treatment techniques to use with her treatment sessions.

Olivia is a registered member of the ISRM.

For more information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Olivia directly on +44 7875 283722


Danny likes to work with other professionals from many fields; acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, etc and is happy to suggest and arrange appropriate onward referrals depending on need. If he can’t help you he will know someone who can. Get in touch to be part of this growing network around Bristol city centre