Exercise is exercise is exercise

There are many reasons to exercise and actually, our motivations differ quite widely. Like and dislike are too binary.

Some are social exercisers; they play team sports, join running/cycling clubs, go to the climbing wall.

Some are experiential; climbers are good examples of this. Just being there is good enough.

Some want to go faster, further, lift heavier. Personal improvement is all.

Others gauge themselves against others. Others just want to get some space to themselves.

There are others.

I think my motivations are changing. I guess it’s because I’m getting older. Climbing used to be my life but I’m as happy walking the dog. Cycling and running we’re about self improvement. But yesterday, I struggled to get out the door. So I told myself just a short ride to go and see a friend across town – social rider.

I got half way there and changed my mind – did this instead. I was just so happy to be out.

Not sure what that makes me: retroexperiential achiever?


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