Chronic disease vectors

The wider role of a Physio could simply be to maintain health and fitness. Whether working in A&E helping clear lungs of blood (yup, that’s a thing we do), repositioning intubated and unconscious patients in intensive care so they can breathe (another thing) to helping people walk again (obvious that one).

Part of our remit must therefore be “lifestyle” factors. We can’t be an expert in everything but we should always be looking for answers; questioning things, asking ourselves if there is anything else we can do and importantly, looking at the evidence.

I used to work alongside a personal trainer who adamantly believed meat was an essential part of diet to the extent where they had meat at every meal; bacon for breakfast, pork chop for lunch, steak for dinner. They passed this onto their children so convinced were they of their belief. Indeed, they even wrote a recipe book for their clients. When I pointed out that the WHO (World Health Organisation) had determined (by looking at the evidence) that red meat was “possibly” carcinogenic my PT colleague said they had interpreted the evidence wrong!

Now, I didn’t argue; beliefs don’t work like that but I did review the evidence and it seemed sufficiently robust for me to become a vegan (I was already a vegetarian).

However, I recently listened to Michael Gregor’s podcast at and discovered not only was the science sufficiently robust but that the word “possibly” was only inserted as a result of pressure from the American FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) due to pressure from the food lobby.

In fact, meat does give you cancer.

Full stop.

In the same way as a mosquito is an infectious disease vector the report describes the food industry as a “chronic disease vector”.

Fascinating stuff.

I wonder if my PT colleague is still mainlining meat…..

Here’s my favorite bag of meat swimming with too many sticks.

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