“Humans didn’t invent rough surfaces, they invented smooth ones”

Barefoot Ted speaks some wisdom as quoted in the book Born to Run by Christopher MacDougall.

He is discussing how people didn’t get plantar fasciitis before the creation of the running trainer and how modern, long distance running tribes also do not suffer.

The foot is perfectly designed to absorb the impact stresses of running on rough hard surfaces and if the skin is thick enough it can survive extremely harsh conditions.

Does this help a modern physio fix PF?

I would say yes.

It’s all about making the foot stronger. Force it to change, adapt, harden and it will take the everyday rigours of life, quite literally, in it’s stride.


How do you treat PF in the typical, elderly population? Supported (obvs) toe stands, step jumps, tip toe walking.

How about dancing? Absolutely.

More is less as far as I’m concerned. And who knows, they might get fitter as well.

Win win.

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