Why a gym and why physio?

Instead of going to the gym this week I decided I would chop 4 trees into logs for the stove.

With an axe. Just an axe.

The picture shows ONE of the three piles of wood I made. I reckon about 5 tonnes of wood. I still have a couple of tonnes left but need a chainsaw or hydraulic log splitter.

SO about a thousand ‘wood-chops’ – but actual wood chops. Literally. A thousand squats/lunges/dead-lifts (I had to carry the logs across the garded to chop then back again to stow).

I feel a) knackered, b) physically wasted and c) in pain

So unless you have a garden with some trees in to chop down you need a gym.

And if you do have some trees to chop you are probably gonna need a physio.


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