Reasons NOT to return to your therapist.

I thought I’d put up some reasons NOT to visit a physio/chiro/osteo. If these things have happened to you or are happening, it might be worth going to see someone else.

1. They don’t take all your personal details, neither do they ask you to sign consent and a GDPR waiver. For physios these are a legal requirement. For chiros/osteo it is strongly recommended.
2. They ask you to remove more clothes than is necessary. Even discounting it being weird, it’s a bit old school. Most things can be assessed with most clothes on. Sometimes it’s necessary but hopefully you should have built a rapport and some trust.
3. They advise you sign up to a “course” of treatment, paid in advance. Walk away. Simple. Block payment packages should be available to help you save money but that’s different.
4. They don’t explain things well enough for you to understand. We can’t all be excellent communicators but we should be adequate. This is, in my view the most important part of the journey to self-management.
5. They repeat the same treatment. Repeatedly (obvs). Things change. If they haven’t changed then they haven’t done anything. Move on .
6. They don’t follow up. Believe it or not most of us actually care and want you to get better (even if it’s just to massage the ego a little bit). Sending emails with exercise plans and occasional reminders is just our way of saying, “are you better? Have I helped?”
7. They don’t encourage you to self-manage. They are inducing a sort of Stockholm Syndrome. They want you to be dependant on them. Don’t be.
8. This is not strictly the case with everyone but it’s worth considering – they’re not into health, exercise and fitness. I guess this only applies with someone selling themselves as a sports practitioner.

I think that’s it.
It’s not meant as a moan. Most therapists are out there doing good.
And also to point out that misdiagnosis is normal, having a bad day can happen to everyone and you can’t like everyone.
Stick with your therapist for a while and you’ll get the most out of them. They’ll get to know you and understand your issues, don’t move on just because they didn’t fix you in two sessions. If they don’t do the above and are friendly and have a varied skills set, give them the benefit of the doubt

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