Labrador teachings 3 – small changes make big difference

When we are thinking about health and fitness, especially if we have let it go a bit too long, it can seen impossible to get started again.

I get what it’s like, even if you’re super big, crazy weak, over stressed, under motivated – it all starts with small changes.

Diet is the easiest thing to change. Not the whole thing, just try cutting out coffee, or beer, or cake. Then go from there. Each success moves you on. Don’t worry about your failings though – eat the cake if you want, cut it out again tomorrow.

Fitness is a bit more difficult but luckily your body doesn’t want to start off too vigorously anyway, it’ll get injured. Walk more, do easy stuff at the gym. Aim for 5km. Then do more.

Small changes make all the difference. Like Ben, here;

“Right, I’m ready for biscuits”

Or here;

“Please, please can I have some biscuits”

It breaks my heart every time.

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