My philosophy

Why me? There are a lot of physiotherapists out there so why come to me?

It’s an interesting question. Research has shown that clinical competence comes a long way down the list of patient’s requirements; after parking, out of hours, convenience and friendliness.

No parking but I have the rest so that’s ok.

I guess most people want to know the therapist isn’t a weirdo – that’s why word of mouth is so important. I’m not, so that’s that box ticked.

But am I better? Probably not. Am I a “specialist”? Not really. I used to say I was but all physios do, so I stopped. I’m a bit above average. I know climbing like no one else but really that’s just hurty fingers and dysfunctional shoulders but that doesn’t make me a specialist.

There are some great physios out there, James Ross, John Ostrovskis, Nina Leonfellner for example, if you want to seek them out and I can’t count myself amongst them. Even good Chiropractors – honestly.

So why me?

I’m honest, I won’t rip you off. I know a lot of stuff and will find a solution to your problem or will admit I can’t and refer you on.

I’m pragmatic, I aim to get you self managing asap and give you solutions to fit in with your life.

I don’t just empathise, I probably understand. What I mean is that I’ve almost certainly had your injury and I’m likely to have been through what you’ve been through. Honestly – ask if you’re interested.

Other than that it’s a bit about chemistry. I’m not gonna like all of you, you ain’t all gonna like me. So that’s why I’m doing free sessions. So you don’t have to pay to find out you don’t like me.

And if you do?


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